Updating Provider Info

The provider information in our resource and referral database is solely self-reported. This means that the information we make available to families is only as good as the information you give us.

We are required to update your entire profile once annually, however, changes can occur within a program at any time. It is important that you report these changes to the Early Learning Coalition so that parents receive accurate information. DCF Licensing forwards information to us also on occasion and this information is entered into our system as well.

Providers can contact the CCRR department at any time to find out how many referrals have been given to families for their program within a given time period.

We request to have current copies of the following items:

  • Annual Provider Update Form – This form is sent to providers on an annual basis through postal mail. Careful consideration should be given to the responses on this form as this is what is used to create provider profile’s in the database. Please review it thoroughly and ensure we receive notification if there are changes in:
    • Hours/Schedule
    • Rates
    • Fees
    • Location
    • Phone/Fax Number
    • Contact Email Address
    • Staff Credentials
    • Transportation services
  • A copy of your license/registration/exemption letter - each time it is renewed or changed
  • Copies of any accreditation certificates - each time it is renewed or changed
  • Gold Seal certificate (if applicable) - each time it is renewed or changed


To submit changes:

Compliance Department
(941) 757-2900 extension 270


Attn: CCRR Provider Updates
(941) 757-2919

Early Learning Coalition of Manatee County
Attn: CCRR Provider Updates
P.O. Box 939
Palmetto, FL 34220