STEAM Machine




The STEAM Machine...Full STEAM Ahead! 

STEAM curriculum focuses on science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math. Our exploratory curriculum engages early learners in real projects within authentic environments and lays the academic groundwork for math and science.

Promoting STEAM education gives children the opportunity to attain essential skills to connect ideas and integrate knowledge across disciplines, all the while capturing their attention.  

When student participate in activities that combine different elements of STEAM, they will develop the following skills under the umbrella of the creative process.

  • Problem-solving creatively
  • Increase of critical thinking
  • Meaningful collaboration
  • Gives all students hands-on learning experiences
  • Formulating Plans
  • Making observations

Our STEAM Machine will come to you! It is available to all VPK classrooms in Manatee County. We will provide one hour STEAM based lessons inside your classroom. An extension activity and family activity will be provided after each session. Each month’s exploration activity will be tied to a new high interest theme.




For inquiries about the program or to be placed on our schedule please contact:

Raquel Sanchez or Faith Lipton at (941) 757-2900 ext. 245 or 248