Professional Development

Programs & Services for Professional Development

College Scholarships

The Early Learning Coalition of Manatee County strongly encourages practitioners to apply for the T.E.A.C.H. Scholarships available through the Children’s Forum.  There are a variety of types of scholarships available such as earning an initial staff or director credential, renewing a credential,...

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Professional Development Reimbursement Scholarships

The purpose of the Professional Development Reimbursement Scholarship is to make available professional development opportunities that might not otherwise be affordable to child care providers who serve Manatee County School Readiness students. The objective of the Professional Development Reimbursement...

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Credential and Transcript Information

The State of Florida defines the minimum pre-service requirements for practitioners entering the early childhood education field. The Department of Child and Families offers a snapshot of the state-mandated minimum training requirements in the links below, along with other child care personnel requirements...

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Training Classes

All trainings have an associated fee, with the exception of DOE courses that do not have student fees. The class fee will normally be $5, $10, or $15. Students must fill out a registration form. ELC must receive all fees and registration forms prior to 48 hours in advance of the class. PayPal,...

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Manatee Conference on Young Children (MCYC)

  MCYC is the ELC's annual professional development conference that is held for all educators in Manatee and surrounding counties.  The event is designed to offer all educators an opportunity to network with other child care professionals through fun and engaging breakout sessions on diverse...

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