Child Health and Development

The Early Learning Coalition of Manatee County offers a variety of programs to help with early detection of physical or learning challenges in a child's life. If any concerns are found, we promote understanding between parents and providers of the condition and propose a course of action to best address these concerns.

Ages and Stages Questionnaires® Developmental Screenings (ASQ)

Complete a Development Screening For Your Child

The Early Learning Coalition of Manatee County offers ASQ developmental screenings for children, 2-months to 5-years of age, to identify possible delays in a child’s development. Simple to complete questionnaires are given to the child’s parent and/or teacher every twelve months that cover a wide range of skill areas including: 

  • Communication – addresses vocalizing, listening and understanding
  • Gross Motor – focuses on arm, body and leg movements
  • Fine Motor – focuses on hand and finger movements
  • Problem Solving – addresses learning and playing with toys
  • Personal-Social – focuses on social play and self-help skills

If a child shows a possible developmental delay, an Individualized Early Care Plan (IECP) is created that contains activities for both the parent to use at home and the teacher to implement in the classroom. These activities are specific to the developmental areas that may need further stimulation. When necessary, referrals to other community agencies are also provided for children who display possible development delays. These agencies provide an in-depth evaluation of the child’s overall development.


Ages and Stages Questionnaires® Social-Emotional Developmental Screenings (ASQ:SE)

An important area in a child’s development is the ability to regulate their emotions and manage their social interactions. The ASQ:SE is a screening tool which is designed to identify children 3-months through 66-months of age whose social-emotional development may require a further evaluation. 

An ASQ:SE is completed when a concern has been expressed by either the parent or the child care provider. Simple to complete questionnaires are given to the child’s parent and/or teacher that address behaviors such as:

  • Self-Regulation - ability to adjust to the environment
  • Compliance - ability to follow rules and directions
  • Affect - ability to demonstrate own feelings
  • Interaction with people – ability to respond appropriately in social situations

Children who show possible social-emotional difficulties are offered a referral to another community agency that can provide a more in-depth evaluation of the child.

Battelle Developmental Inventory™ Screenings (BDI)

BDI is a developmental assessment that helps determine how a classroom environment is helping a child develop. While at the child care center, trained Screening and Assessment Specialists work with the individual child to complete fun, age appropriate activities.

The BDI pre-test is conducted initially and then 6-12 months later a post-test is conducted to determine the progress of the child’s school readiness skills.

Vision and Hearing Screenings

The Early Learning Coalition of Manatee County provides vision and hearing screenings to children, 7-months to 5-years of age. Screenings are completed to detect early signs of potential hearing and vision problems. The early detection and proper treatment of vision and hearing problems can directly impact a child's success in the classroom.

The vision and hearing screenings are completed routinely at the child care center by trained Child Health and Development Specialists. The parent and childcare provider are notified of the results and advisement is made if further examination by a physician is recommended. The vision and hearing screenings are not a substitute for a full examination by a healthcare professional rather a way to help detect potential vision and hearing problems.

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